The Day The Sky Fell In EP // AERA011

by Antigone



The 11th Indigo Aera release is a hand stamped and numbered 12" vinyl, but buy it from the Delsin webshop and you'll also get an exclusive 10" vinyl with it. The artist behind EP is one of Parisian's finest in the form of Antigone. Besides being a resident at Parisian's Concrete movement, Antigone is responsible for highly acclaimed releases on Construct Re-form and Ars Mechanica, Children Of Tomorrow and the Concrete label itself.

Antigone's signature sound is a fine blend of soul searching strings on top of cutting edge sci-fi techno rhythms as evidenced by the eerie and spine tingling 'Words Of Silences'. Next, 'Third From The Sun' is a much quicker and more frantic but just as smooth and deep techno cut with celestial pads and a heavenly sense of calm. On the b-side there's a straighter 4x4 remix from label heads Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff that offers plenty of bang for its buck. The 10" exclusive features wispy techno cut 'The Purple Testament' and in the process closes out a seriously heady EP.


released May 12, 2014



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