Takasi Nakajima - Basic Math EP (Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff Remix)

by Takasi Nakajima



Indigo æra presents the first solo release from Takasi Nakajima known from the duo Different World which he formed together with Claude Young. It comes as a 12” or limited 2x12" including two bonus tracks. Japanese techno at it's finest.

Takasi Nakajima has been DJing and producing since 1994 and working as Different World since 2005.
The duo was responsible for the track "Think Twice" a much talked about inclusion on Marcel Fengler's Berghain 05 Mix-CD. The track with it's unique classic Detroit feel, eventually got a full vinyl release on Indigo Aera. As live- and DJ duo Different World, Takasi also released on Kirk Degiorgio's ART label in 2011, has remixed Octave One and has released remixes and originals on Kevin Saunderson's KMS Recordings. Now focussing on solo work after Different World have suspended activity, this new EP finds him in fine form.

‘Basicmath One’ is seven minutes of delicate ambient, suspending in mid air. ‘Basicmath Two’ is a deep and supple techno groove with starry night skies unfolding over tom-layered kicks and ‘Basicmath Three’ then gets more propulsive with its soul infused synths, straight hi-hats and classic Detroit vibes. A remix of it from Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff layers in a much heavier and more physical kick drum then ‘Basicmath Four’ drops into a more house leaning groove, but one that is riddled with lush pads, rainy melodies and futuristic atmospheres. Lastly, ‘Solar System’ is a perfectly spaced out sound world of intergalactic pads and scurrying melodies that is full of alien life but very human emotions. Blissful stuff from start to finish, it proves Takasi Nakajima is as fascinating when solo as he ever is.


released March 24, 2016



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