Archives Volume 1: Fragments of Machine Soul

by Vince Watson



Vince Watson is next up on the Amsterdam based label Indigo Aera with a collection of tracks from his peerless archives. All were produced in the late 90s and early 00s and two have been previously released under his V-Phorms alias on the British Native label, but four others are never before heard gems. Scotsman Watson, of course, has been releasing tough house, acid and techno under many different names since the 90s. Currently releasing on Planet E, Poker Flat, Cocoon, Ovum and Yoruba and has recorded for Delsin and Tresor in the past. He has constantly evolved his sound so that he has tried, and succeeded, at making just about everything. Here he serves up some classic hi tek soul.

Up first is 'Fragment XI', an atmospheric cut of celestial and heavenly electronic that is more about capturing a mood than making you dance. 'Fragment III' then sets to work with skittish drums, slithering hi hats and rich melodic patterns all unfolding in a wide open sky, 'Fragment VI' is a deep, bubbly and metallic affair with cloud like pads, twinkling melodies and the same sense of brightness and light that you get on a hot summers day. 'Fragment V' is a more involved and intricate track that has bass lines buried deep under swirling pads and lush and jazzy cymbals, 'Fragment IX' is another rich melodic affair with soulful pads, golden chords and sombre moods all bottled up within and finally 'Fragment VII' toys with broken beats, loose percussion and yet more serene and hugely emotive and sensitive synth lines. Overall, then, this is timely look into the archives of one of dance music’s long time greats.


released August 10, 2015



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